Jovan is a Music & Portrait Photographer based in London. Music and Creativity is at the core of who Jovan is so for him, being a photographer in music and portraiture is a career path that chose him.
With numerous years of portraiture experience Jovan is able to bring out the best in any person he works with to show them in their best light and enjoys the feeling of empowering the viewer to feel like they were in that location in real time where the photos were taken.
Jovan has been able to transfer these skills to his Music photography which he picked up years after starting portraiture. Jovan loves music and the photo pit is where he truly feels at home. Being a big fan of music since a child and witnessing many gigs, Jovan is able to predict the movements of the music artist to be in the perfect place for the best shots.
Jovan has been featured in magazines such as Stereogum and Noctis. To contact for booking enquiries please email: